The Program of the Embassies Festival 2017 (romanian version)

The 3rd edition of the festival aims at providing a fresh, contemporary perspective on the anthropology of worldwide cultural manifestos. The concept is born out of a cultural need of exploring a very wide multicultural specter, to which the Romanian audience lacked access until now.

The EMBASSIES FESTIVAL is an emergent cultural movement that gathers proportions in South-East Europe.

Throughout the 4 full days, cultural, diplomatic, ethnic and arts organizations will have the opportunity to present internationally themed programming—ranging from traditional to contemporary, from nouveau, world music to ethnic pursuits, from artisan work to urban cool and vivid live performances. This will add a multicultural signature on Bucharest. 

The festival will operate as an abundant and diverse exhibition of arts and entertainment, including debates on international culture and policies that will capitalize on how Bucharest can become a well-prepared host for cultural tourism.